Web scrapping - not getting all the data in my excel or cv file

i am doing web scrapping but i am facing a problem, when i am scrapping it’s showing that it’s scrapped all the data then i have given a write csv command but when i am opening the csv i am not getting all the data, suppose i am doing a scrapping, there are 300 links but in the csv i am getting roughly 100-123 links, why this is happening?

@ArafatRakib1 Before writing into CSV, Check screen scrapping resultant data table for row count to make sure the data is retrieved. If the data is not retrieved, then the issue will be in data scrapping selector. If the count is greater than 0, check the datatable assignment in write CSV activity.

Please add the xaml file if you can so we can analyze where its going wrong.

@ArafatRakib1 When you scrape the data in the bottom of the window an option is there to select total number records to scrape which is 100 by default if you want all the records set it to 0 and then scrape.