Scraping data across multiple pages - not returning all results

Hi all,

I’ve had a good look across other data scraping topics and they seem to be about the selectors for getting on to the next page, or not getting all the values from the last page, so apologies in advance if the issue I’m raising below has been covered previously and I’ve missed it.

I’m scraping the items from a ‘shopping list’ in to a data table - specifically scraping the product name and price for all items of that product (e.g ‘Ice Cream’, ‘Baked Beans’, ‘Bananas’ etc) and then moving on to the next item in my shopping list.

The data scrape is cycling through the pages, but only seems to scrape the items from the first page. I can tell this because if I have 24 results per page it’ll scrape up to 24 results, if I have 48 results per page, it’ll return up to 48.

Here is the website with a product selected

And here is my Xaml if anybody can please have a look and see how they get on (For the excel file, just choose the shopping items listed above) Shopping2.xaml (19.1 KB)

Thanks in advance