In_config data = null

Hi guys, im triying to do the REFramework with tabular data course. I completed all te steps on the RPA advanved course, but when i try to get a link from the config.xlsx, in InitAllAplications, it’s null.


Go the initialization state in main.xaml and fromthere go to the place where initallapplications.xaml is invoked…

In the invoke workflow file activity click on import arguments and assign config to in_config argument


It was like this already

@Lautaro_Ezequiel_Ledesma can you figure out which is the exact workflow where you are not getting config

Yeah, on the invoke InitAllAplications call, Config has all of the values that has been setted on config.xmls

The import arguments windows it’s like the other photo I uploaded
But then when I try to reach in_config in InitAllAplications to reach an URL, in_config is null
(Like the first photo)


Please use a stepinto and chekc if the data is being passed in or not…

And also it is worth check if there is any variable with same name is created in initallapplications.xaml…if yes then please delete it


Yeah, I was importing the argument but I wasn’t putting the value inside
Thanks a lot!

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