I tried everyway but this exception still coming please anyone sort it our

in_Config is not initialized and not populated with data.

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where should i initialize the in_config data sir

It will automatically initialize when the config file is read with Read Range. You have to figure out why your config file isn’t being read.

And initializing it by putting Config into the value is incorrect. In general, you initialize by putting “new dictionary(of string, object)” but in this case don’t do that. The problem is that your config file is not being read.

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Hello @Kumaran_R - Check the below video

@Kumaran_R debug and check your initallsetting workflow

Hi @Kumaran_R ,

From the Image, we can see that the Debug Started for InitAllApplications.xaml file only.

That means that, the values that are being passed as arguments to the workflow will not be available and will be null.

To ensure you can Debug xaml files individually, make sure to also run the xaml files that provide the argument values that are required for the Target destination file that you want to Debug.

In your case, only Config argument value is required, hence you would also need to Execute the InitAllSettings.xaml workflow at the beginning.

To avoid other confusions, you could place breakpoints on workflows/activities wherever necessary and start Debugging from the Main.xaml file itself.