In Activity "Invoke Workflow file" why variables are not supported?

Some use case needs to interact with multiple application and in such condition each application has its own way to handle the transaction and we can’t build one workflow for every application with there n no validations and conditions. it is always better to have separate workflow depending on which application we are going to work with current transaction and call only that application workflow.

It was just use case i have explain , but i really not understood why UiPath has removed this functionality from Invoke Workflow Activity. If you could add this feature asap that will really makes developer life successful.

What Studio version & compatibility are you using? On my end, using Windows Legacy & Studio 2021.10 it’s working.

yup, it does work for lower version that why i did mentioned why they removed this functionality. My is 2022.10.4

Seems the problem is with Windows compatiblity. I tested on another machine with Studio 2022.10.7 with both Windows (Legacy) & Windows - it’s working with Windows (Legacy) but not on Windows.

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They are not supported in windows/cross-platform due to compilation. We are actively working to remove this limitation and most likely in 23.6 we will remove this limitation.

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@alexandru but i want to understand why does it support windows legacy but not windows? and may i know when the newest version going to launch and how come i know that version will does contain this update?

My Studio version is 2022.10.4 and I’m using window compatibility only

Its because the compatibility is different.
Windows compatibility is in 64 bit and compiles differently / has stricter compilation rules.

when we suppose to expect the newest version with update?

23.06 will be released in the following days.