New Invoke workflow activity is not accepting the arguments and variables in different name


i have updated my UIPATH.SYSTEM.ACTIVITIES in that my invoke workflow file activity got updated. when i import my arguments its not accepting if the arguments and variables are in different name.
May i know the reason?


Could you please show me error screenshot ? (13.0 KB)

I have added test file due to confidential reasons kindly check it


May I know what version of UIPath are you using ?

I am using 2019.4.3 enterprise edition and i don’t have that issue in my version. If i will open your workflow also i can’t see that error.


Kindly add all the dependence to your current version. And make sure your two xamls are using same version.

@Michael_Udhaya Can you explain me how to do that?

Hello @lbarona, Heartly Welcome to our UiPath Community.

If your code not have the enough activity packages, then it will ask you to Download Dependence. Simply click on that. All the dependences are downloaded in your machine.

Michael Udhaya