Could not find file Workflow -> InvokeWorkflow with variable


I have this project where i call severous workflow with variables, example


With previous versions of UiPath this works fine, but with this version i cannot compile the code so everything isnt running

Yes this was working excelent before the update

UiPath Community → 2022.10.1

Hi @Joaquin_Bracci,

Can you try to give full path for the workflow name?

Like: "D:\2 ) WORK\Studio Processes\OnlinePiano\" + in_transactionItem + ".xaml"

Maybe this can solve your problem.


Hello @Joaquin_Bracci - Can you try printing the workflow path in a message box and see what it is giving. Please be ensure that the workflow present in the same path that the bot is looking into

Hi @Joaquin_Bracci please check the path of the work flow in previous and curre current project. Make sure the path should be same for both.

The process wont compile, i cannot start the process

As i already said, the process was working excelent before the update, nothing changes, now i cannot compile the process so it cannot start

Nope, that didnt work either

downgrade your package to
UIAutomation to 22.4.7
UiPaty.System to 22.4.5

the new packages doesn’t work well with lower version of studio

Where do you assign the values like this “Functions/XXX/”+in_TransactionItem+“.xaml”?

Do you use an Assign? Or do you assign it in the argument panel?

already Tried Argument panel and the assign activity and neither work

So this didn’t work either, just bring new problems with append line activity for some reason, the studio version is the new one → 22.10.1

OK. Sorry, I can’t really help without any more information. Please share your project file and maybe we can all provide better support. Cheers.

Sorry i cant for NDA reasons, ty anyways

My UiPath environment also fails at compile time and displays an error when I try to call it with a variable workflow file name.

Yeap, thats what is happening, i dont know why, maybe i should report it as a bug?

I would like to know if there is some new method to invoke by variable name.
Or is this a bug and we have to wait for it to be fixed?

I found this article about this issue
Looks like we will have to wait until this feature is supported again!