How to use Get credentials?

Let us consider, I have made one Asset and I am using get credential and storing the variable or arguments as username and password but the same variable or argument I want to use in other workflow how can it be done… and also is it possible to do?


Use the Get credentials activity to get Username and password, save the Username as string variable and password as secureString Variable. Now you can pass these variables to other workflows also like In Arguments while using Invoke Workflow activity.

Without invoking any method i want to use the variables or argument?

Hello @kjaiswal

I hope below doc can solve your issue. Here they have used get credential, but the steps to follow is same.


Go to “Credential Manager” on your computer.
Windows Credentials > Add a Window Credential

Choose the name of credential, write the “user” and the “password”.

In the studio, you have to install the package “uipath.credentials.activities”

Calls the “Get Secure Credentials” activity and:

Target - Credential Name
Output - Password and username

To convert a secure password into a string use:
new System.Net.NetworkCredential(string.Empty, securePass).Password


If you want to use it in other workflows, Use Get Credential in main workflow and use a variable within main scope, and then pass it through the arguments in other workflows in that same project.
If this doesn’t answer your question could you please elaborate or show some examples.

@kjaiswal You should invoke the workflow to pass the values to other workflows. If you want to know how to invoke a workflow check below video

Arguments passing

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