SecureText can't convert to secure string

I am trying to set up a secure string, but under input / secureText - get an error message ( see attached). I am trying to open n application and automatically enter password. Any ideas?


secure text only use for getting credentials from orchestrator.
You want secure text use get password activity it is secured

@pradeepRPA Thanks. Once I use that activity, how would I get that to automatically enter in text field?

In properties give the variable in output

I have a small doubt Which propose you are using secure text.


if we are getting password from orchestrator asset – we would use get credentials activity which will hve two output username and password, among them username is a string variable while password is a secure string variable…
–so to type the username we normally use type into activity but secure string (password variable) cannot be passed to type into as secure string is different from string
–so we have a special activity called type secure string activity where we would pass the password output variable and will type into the field where we want
this activity will actually convert the secure string to string (internally and enters the converted string)

–but here if we are trying to enter a string password we can directly use type into activity
or if we are getting from orchestrator kindly follow the below steps

Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarfication
Cheers @SSJCalzana

Hi @SSJCalzana

You can also solve it as follows:

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