Import BPMN diagram including task descriptions


when importing a bpmn-file that has been generated with another application (in my case SAP Signavio), is it possible to not only import the diagram itself but also the descriptions of the tasks? Currently, when importing the bpmn-file, the descriptions are lost and instead replaced with whatever text was placed in the comment section for the task. Is there a possibility to change this so the correct data is imported? (If relevant: I am using Task Capture version 22.4.1)

Would be grateful if anyone knows a possible fix for this.

You are saying about the task capture description here ?

Exactly. I want to import an existing bpmn diagram (where some of the tasks already have a description) into task capture while keeping the already existing descriptions with their respective tasks. So far, this information is lost on import and replaced with additional information that is also part of the bpmn file but doesn’t correspond to the description. Was wondering if there is a possibility for me to specify what information to keep on import or sth similiar.