BPMN import in Studio

In describing business processes I am using BPMN for better construction and coherence of the business process logic.
Once the process described in BPMN, I replied the same process in a flowchart in UiPath Studio, with a significant gain on the accuracy and logic of the business process.
Since BPMN is standardised, including at the XML level (for diagram exchange between applications) it will be very useful to have implemented the import of BPMN diagrams in a UiPath flowchart (even with the limitations of the flowchart technology).
This will bring huge value in keeping the logic of the process, the details being impemented through isntruments already available in Studio.
I have not used the Orchestrator but I imagine BPMN might have huge impact.
What do you think?


Here’s what I have found here.


We’ll need to research more. Does anyone have some insights on this?

BPMN2WF seems abandoned in stage Alpha. (Codeplex itself is shutting down).
I could not find other implementations. However, the BPMN2WF (or othes alike) were abandoned long time before RPA.
RPA should (and eventally will) become a large consume of BPMN. Which provider will be the first?

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Any updates on BPMN import to uiPath? It will be extremely useful.
Can we do this through community efforts?
@Daniel/@badita, I am ready to participate if you want to drive this.

Hi, Josh,
Haven’t got any update.
Seems there is not much interest on the subject.
UiPath (while still doing a great job :slight_smile: ) is focused on developers and is losing the opportunity to occupy the interface with business analysts (who will be the ultimate decision makers).
This should not be complicated (just an xml import into the workflow interface) but I do not have the knowledge to drive this. Just a need and a hint.

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Hi @daniel.gruia

Could you have a second look at this old feedback of you? :slight_smile:
I believe this feature will now be part of our new product - Explorer Expert.

I think I was not clear enough - the new product will allow you to record a process that you will then be able to save as a XAML file and open in Studio.
The import from another tool would be a feature request still, but I was wondering what are your thoughts about the already existing Explorer Export functionalities :slight_smile:

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Would be fabulous to have BPMN imported.
A big leap towards business, allowing business concentrate on process and developers concentrate on automation.
Encourages the business to formalize ad-hoc processes in order to pass them into automation.
Very big like!