Is there a workaround to get BPMN into UiPath?

Hey everybody,

I am working with a partner who is creating his workflows in BPMN 2.0 and got it in his head, that he wants to import those into UiPath to then manually expand add the task needed to automate with RPA.

Now I know UiPath doesn’t have any BPMN import feature so far. But do any of you guys haooen to know a workaround to get workflow models into Uipath (kind of as a basis for our project)?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey @FelixK

Have you perhaps taken a look at the Automation Hub Task Capture tool and it’s capabilities?

I’m what context are you trying to get your BPMN into UiPath? Is it for documentation purposes or is it for the actual bot development?

Hi @Jacqui_M thanks for the reply.

I think the purpose is as kind of a ‘baseline’ for development. So you have your general workflow (that you already mapped in BPMN) layed out in UiPath and can then manually drill down in creating the automation tasks for the bot within the individual steps of the BPMN chart.

I will look a bit more into the task capture tool.
Thank you Jacqui

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Yes I understand what you’re saying. UiPath has released Studio X and Task Capture which seems to take a more bottom up approach but it works quite well