Implement Document Understanding via RE Framework

Hello All,

Is there any way to implement Document Understanding via RE Framework?

What activity do we need to add to the Initialization state?

In Process.xaml we will add all the Document Understanding activities but how to traverse through PDFs?

Hi @BlackCurrant

You can use the Dispatcher Bot to upload the file path to the queue. Each transaction item will a path of the PDF file.

Hello @kumar.varun2

Tried using the config file to get the file path, however, it’s showing an error
Any idea how to resolve this?


What is the error?

Try this expression


This will return an Array of String.

Also, the values of Config dictionary are of type Object. We need to Convert them to String (Or any other data type) wherever it is required. In this case the input parameter for GetFiles method is String. So Config("FilePath").ToString is required

Note: There is a separate template designed for Document Understanding

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