Image recognition having different colour

I have same image but the colour inside image is different.But bot is not able to detect the difference in image even when i kept the accuracy as 1.



@vaibhavim, Use PickBranch activity in Pick for your requirement.

References: Follow these topics in detail,

  1. Image Exists in Citrix - #2 by acaciomelo
  2. Find Either of 2 Images in Citrix
  3. Best practice for Pick activity.?

Dominic :slight_smile:

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From my side i copied your two image in a word doc and attempted used a find image to the darker one searching for the image under and it found it at accuracy 0.9.


I have the removed the dark one and got a timeout exception. Looks like it works as intended.

Maybe try to play with the search scope and look for a smaller image.


Hi @vaibhavim,

Does a lighter shade means, it is disabled? If yes, then you need to find only images with bright colors using which actions can be performed.

Otherwise, approach suggested by Dominic should work.

Or else, try to select only the text part of the image to choose the action you want to perform.