Identify color of an image


How to identify color of an image
for ex:- color

o/p should be:- blue


check is there a color property in selector of that image if yes you can get it.


Hi Divyashreem
there is no color property available then how to retrieve the color of an image


Here you can try:-

open website

type h2go in search field and enter then you will get list of product


Is there any other way to read color of an image kindly suggest



Use microsoft cognitive service’s “Computer Vision API” to “Analyze an image” and look for the Dominant Color foreground property-

Here is an example-

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Please try this activity:


For debugging purpose, you can use input as cursor.position.X and cursor.position.Y and highlight flag as True. Then hover the cursor on the image when you are running the process.

If it is able to identify color correctly then use getposition activity to get dynamic X and Y coordinates of the image. You can do some minor adjustment in the X and Y coordinate to get correct location of pixel on the screen.



Kudos, thank you…


Superb bro, i think this will help to me.


Hi palindrome,
which data type we should used to access cursor.position.X and cursor.position.Y
actually i got this error when i used:-


Here is the url from which i want to get color of an product.
when you open this url then type h2go in search field then you will get the list of product and i want to get color from this product.then how to do.


Import namespace System.Windows.Forms in uipath.

Use Get Position activity with input as the selector of image on webpage.


ETSexpress.xaml (24.0 KB)

Please check the file. I hope this is what you are looking for: