How to differentiate two images who are the same for Uipath (not for me)?

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my robots, I want to count the number of 3 different images appear on a web site, the first image is fine I can count it but for the two others the robot doesn’t see them if I put too much accuracy or the robot think they are the same if I put a mid-range accuracy and if I put a low accuracy the robot find more image than the website had.

So I tried with the accuracy but this doesn’t work, after I tried with the selector but this doesn’t work neither. I tried to make a small screenshot around the image or a big screenshot but this doesn’t work two, I tried to put the exact same image of the website by downloading it with the source code but this doesn’t work.

I don’t know what I can try now ?

There are the images :

They are on the website like that :

Thank you for the help

How are you looking for the images, I was able to distinguish between the two fairly easily with UiPath, using this post as the backdrop.

The “Not Allowed” symbol:


The double arrows:


My image matching:

Accuracy is 0.8 for the image matching.

Hello @DanielMitchell

Thank you for your answer, I use the same activity with “Find Image Matches” for looking the websites, but I see you use Internet Explorer and I use Chrome, it’s maybe a different accuracy between these two browser ?

Also I see you use Highlight activity so I tried to use it but the variable returned by my “Find Image Matches” doesn’t working because it’s not the good type.

My variable returned is a “System.Collection.Generic.IEnumerable(Of UiPath.Core.UiElement)” and the highligh activity want a variable type “UiPath.Core.UiElement”.

So what type do you use ? Maybe the problem for me came from the browser, or the variable ?

If you can give me your file.xaml it will be helpfull.


can you share this XAML , i want to see how you did this

Also what did you do with this information >> ![2|690x489] <<

Yes, you need to loop through the IEnumerable to get each specific match. In the example above I knew there would be three of the first image and two of the second, so I just hardcoded that many.

Here’s my modified xaml, it uses a For Each Parallel loop to simultaneously highlight all of the matches at once. Note that it requires the window to already be open, I didn’t include the browser opening in it.
Main.xaml (7.8 KB)


This is really helpfull !

That making the thing really more clear for me thank you !

But I have another challenge for you if you accept it, two images, the same, one is red, one is orange, I tried almost all accuracy and in basic or enhanced profil but UiPath don’t know how to differentiate them.

I tried to use selector because every red image and every orange image has the same name, but the selector only choose one, not all (I edit it for taking only name).

If you accept this challenge Daniel you are the best.

Here you have the picture :

Red arrow:

Orange arrow:

How they are on the webpage (Don’t worry for the green arrow, it’s ok !):

Good luck Daniel (or anyone who want this challenge)

Thank you in advance !

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I have some news for the challenge, Uipath can find the red arrow without the orange arrow.

But I can’t find the orange arrow without the red arrow.

So it’s like if we have something UiPath know, and something UiPath doesn’t know very well composed by a mysterious thing and a thing UiPath know.

Do we have a way to block UiPath to focus only on the “mysterious thing” (orange arrow) by saying “Ok you take everything but you don’t take the thing (red arrow) you find before”

Do we have an activity to do that ? The red arrows are stocked in a variable, the orange arrows AND the red arrows are stocked in another, I have to substract the variable red arrows from the variable red arrows + orange arrows, but the type is a System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<UiPath.Core.Element>

So we back on the subject
But this time it’s not for an add but for a substract !