Image - How to find an image within an image


I am trying to locate a subset of an image within a large image. I am able to successfully get it however unable to get its color. Is there a way to get color of the image?

Steps used:
Load Image>Find Image matches> display the number of times it appears (Unable to attach, hence screen shot pasted)

If there are any other .Net package/lib which can enhance this process? If yes, please provide a clue. Thanks.

Also this challenge has several images / sub-images which are to be identified, what would be the best solution


hi @Sensaba,

I have a question. I dont understand what should be in output. Can you give some example what should be a result ? Because what mean:

color… all color in image if yes in which kind html, rgb ?


Hi Fudi5,

The main image looks like,


The sub-image could be any number from the main image. For eg, I had tried with number 59 as an image.

The task is to find all numbers with color from main image. I believe image comparison may not be the right approach as there could be 50 to 100+ various numbers within the main image. If there are libraries available to handle these kind of cases it would help a lot. Thanks.

If I am still not clear, please point out.

Can you attached example of screen ?

Hi, here is the example image.


The same images, I had used in my test Identify_Image.xaml (screen shot attached earlier, as new member is not allowed to attach the file).

Let me know if any other info required. Thanks.

Ones again… i need do the test so i need whole image whit all data to make test :slight_smile: Can you Attached that example :slight_smile: ?? To be more specyfik i need file…

Unable to upload file due to new user restrictions :pensive:. Is there any other way, I can share the xaml, images?

Ofc. Put it in cloude and past here link to asset.


The below link should have all required images, xaml.

Do you have bigger image ???

Hi fudi5,

I have attached bigger image and task description as well for more clarity from my end.

Let me know if the image and task descriptions are fine.


hi @sensaba

I have been made some tests and i can not fine proper solution and i have big doubt if there is some.

Try to ask @arivu96, @PD2, @ClaytonM maybe they can find some solution.


Thanks @fudi5. I will touch base with them.

However, I have a question, in case if you know a solution do answer. Thanks.

Question: How to get pixel position from the main image when compared image exists using “Find Image”?
For eg: I am able to Find image 54 using 54.jpg in larger image (Image_1n.jpg). How to get the pixel position using Find Image Activity?

Thanks again.

Hi @fudi5,

Just to let you know, the code works as expected. The co-ordinates were wrong as the image was opened using default image viewer of windows, instead if we open the image using browser, the resolution of the image does not change and provides the required result.