Find Either of 2 Images in Citrix

I am still very new to this so my terminology might be wrong and thus far searching doesn’t give me good results.

I work on a project in a Citrix environment and a very basic problem I have is to double click on an UI element that might or might not be already selected.
For example, lets suppose I want to double click on an icon, but there is a chance that sometimes it may have additional colour tint if it was the last icon used before initiating the RPA.

My understanding is that it would be neat to provide 2 images, if one is not found, try the other.
Is this functionality already present?

I imagine it could be written in an UiPath sequence or a workflow that could be exported.
Is it possible to feed workflows with image arguments?

I really like the informative screenshots for activites inside sequences. Is it possible to add informative screenshots to imported workflows?

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thank you for your inquiry and also because you provided good information in order to provide you with a better and complete answer.

You can use the citrix recording to find both images and then use an "if " activty.

My first approach will be to try to find the first image, then if not found try to find the second image.

Using the citrix recorder will give you the option to have a screenshot for each case, normally I would upload an xaml, but in this case I suggest you to try to achieve this yourself, if you need any help let us know.

Happy automation :sunglasses:: if you found the answer of your question pleasae mark it as solved.

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Indeed, if else splitting and branching will work.

In your case you can also use the Pick Branch activity like in the attached workflow.
PickBranch.xaml (9.7 KB)

A few remarks:

  • you’ll need to set the Repeat Forever property in the On image appear trigger to false
  • you can download my dummy app here
  • instead of message boxes you’ll use any actions you want (click image in your case)
  • On image appear has an Element output which you can reuse if you want to click on the same.
  • you can download my dummy app here


Is there a quick way to transfer image parameters from one activity to another?

I start recording and click on an image area, but later I decide to make it an “On image appear” activity. How can I skip taking a new screenshot?

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Can you give little idea how would I use IF condition and find image together.

I want to pass condition if this image is found, follow some specific tasks, if not, then other steps.

I have used pick branch but it didn’t work properly.

Thanks in advance !

I solved it using Image Exist and IF condition.


Hello Cris,

In the selection menu for the Image target, you can Grab from Screen, Save image or Load image. If you save the image you previously Grabbed from the screen, you can the load it in all the activities you are using. Also Find Image will return a UiElement object that you can then pass as input for other activities in the Element property from the Target section.