Image exists not work as expected

Hi, i am using image exists for an IF Statement however i am having to re-indicate the image every time i am on a computer that has a different screen resolution is there a way to make this more reliable so i don’t have to re-indicate each time i run the bot? or is there a better activity i could use to achieve the desired outcome?

I have changed the resolution on my laptop and ran the bot and it doesn’t read the image.

Does any one have a solution that i could use please

@nick.v Can we use Element Exists instead of Image exists and Check whether it can identify?

Hi @supermanPunch I have tried element exists and it did not work to the desired result.


this is the image that i need to verify if its a yes then the bot will create a salesforce user if its a no then it wont.

instead of image exists i have tried find element with element exists but i am having difficulty in getting the IF Statement to work. Please see below.

what should i change to get the the IF Statement working?

@nick.v No, I guess in this case, You need to Extract the Yes Value, Using Get OCR Text , and Check if the value that you get is Yes or No

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IMAGE EXISTS activity will actually work buddy
Make sure that the scale is set at appropriate level whose value range is between 0-1 and also the WaitForReady property as None

Cheers @nick.v

Perfect thanks this worked

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