Image Exists Activity Timeout

Vikas Jain
September 28, 2016 09:06 ANSWERED

The image exists activity is taking more time then given in TimeoutMS for returning false. This is happening only for Internet Explorer as it is working perfectly in Google Chrome.

Any advise why its happening?

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Mihai Badita September 28, 2016 09:35

  1. It is because of the wait for ready property. Set it to none instead of complete

  2. Why are they using image automation in IE/Chrome and not selectors

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Vikas Jain September 28, 2016 09:37

  1. Tried using wait for ready as None too but getting the same result for False.

  2. Can definitely use selectors.

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Mihai Badita September 28, 2016 09:40
For False you will always get the same result. If the image does not exists UiPath searches for it in a loop as long as the timeout goes.

I would use On Image Appear instead of Image Exists for straightforward workflows. You will get rid of the bool variable. This is not true when you need to take different actions/flows if an image/element exists or not on the screen.

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We encounter the same issue using Image Exists activity.
The wait condition is set to “None” but the Timeout is not taken into account, the activity never end and never return False.
Do you have an idea ?




Can you confirm the UiPath Version which you are currently using?


Version 2016.2.6192

Do you find something ?

Hi @nicolas.roussel,

Can you upload the workflow here? Or steps to replicate the issue?


browser compatibility issue ,which means nothing wrong with workflow or uipath .How about this "It might sound silly :stuck_out_tongue: but anyway "could you please try to update your IE and check?


It is not on an IE window, but with an application used with Exceed.
For some cases we need to use the Image Exists activity (with Wait Condition : None) but when image is not found the timeout is not taken into account and the activity never ends.
When the image is found, there’s no issue, it follows.


but why its working with chrome not for IE?:thinking:

Is it possible for you to update your studio to a newer version? If you check the release notes of 2016.2.6232 (the next version of 2016.2.6192) it says image activities was ignoring the time out option which is fixed in the next version

Full release notes can be found in below link


Great, it was really a bug.
We will see that.
Thanks and have a good week end.

Hi Guys, I’m having trouble with I guess an image exist, I had set the timeout but anyways is not waiting the time, it was working fine a few days ago and I almost sure that I didn’t change anything relevant … any idea? I’m trying to see what happens …

try this