Image exist always show true

Hello guys i have a project that contains image exist. I use IF Condition with this condition
If (ImageExst) = TRUE then do something. Why my if condition always going to true?

Hi @Kelvin1

Can you share the screenshot of the image?

Have you tried with Element Exist activity?


Hi @Gokul001
This is the image.

The reason im using image exist because i used to use image exist on my previous project and all good. The second reason i dont want to use element exist because there is another notification on the same position.

i’ve been used text exist also and still same

In the Text Exist What is the text that you have there? @Kelvin1


I wrote the text like in this image

Does OCR activity could solve this problem ? @Gokul001

HI @Kelvin1

Just give Half of the text

No data stored for communication

You can also try with OCR Text Exist activity


Okay im gonna try it, by the way why should i give just half of the text? @Gokul001

Just to checking @Kelvin1 . It may be works in some scenario

Hello @Kelvin1 ,

You can check if the scale is set at appropriate level whose value range is between 0-1 and also the WaitForReady property as None.
Pratik Maskar

Hi @Kelvin1 use OCR Text Exist activity and try . Before that just scrape the screen with microsoft ocr, copyt the particular text that ocr extract and pass that text to OCR Text Exist activity(Check with microsoft OCR engine)

Unfortunately it didnt work @Gokul001

Hi @pratik.maskar do u mean the accuracy value?

Hi @Tapan_Behera1 need to watch youtube to do that because i never do that. Thanks for the advice, gonna try it later

@Kelvin1 ,

You can play around with image accuracy property between 0 to 1 and Keep some delay between the activity as well.
Pratik Maskar

@pratik.maskar I already add the delay between the activity, but its still didnt work :frowning:

Can you to grab the short sized and more unique image in your automation.

pratik Maskar

Its solved, i just delete the activity and then make a new 1. Idk why this is works for me :smiley:

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