Terrible Results from Image Exists

Hey guys I keep finding that the ‘Image Exists’ activity to be fairly inaccurate, and am wondering if others have found a better solution.

For my current bot I’m wanting to get a ‘true’ value on the image exists activity if the page is finished loading and it shows the little window symbol in the upper left hand corner of the webpage. I’ve tried using both basic and enhanced image find and it can’t seem to find it, even when lowering the acurracy value needed. It does however seem to find a match when the UiPath application page while running is open even though there is no icon and that corner is pretty much a solid blue.

Unfortunately I’m needing this functionality on the webpage (its citrix) but time and again I find this activity to be unpredictable and innacurate.

You mean favicon image, like the one that appears left to Page title in Chrome browser tabs?

That is correct yes. I was wondering if it was too small of a capture to use predictably, but have had issues with the same activity in the past in more favorable conditions.

I’ve been using Image Exists in many processes without trouble. But I usually choose large icons as element to find. I’ve tried small icons with different results depending on icon colors, background etc.