Image exists always returning true

I noticed that image exists always. If check is passing and the Ui clicks if true are giving me System exceptions. Please suggest me any solution.

Thank you

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Hi @A_Learner

Instead of using the image exist activity use the Element exist or check app state activity to check the element exist in the foreground or not, If you are not automating Citrix environment.

If you are using Citrix automation, use the CV element exist activity to check the element exist or not.

Hope it helps!!

Thank you.

In Citrix. No CV.


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Yes for Citrix environment automation we use the Computer vision activities. To use any CV activity we have to use with in CV screen scope activity.

Hope you understand!! @A_Learner

Hi @A_Learner

Just to make a little contribution

With necessary setup it is possible to automate Citrix Apps/VM generating native selector without need use CV


Thank you, @rikulsilva

I have installed this plugin to begin with. However I learned that this will work only if we have UiPath remote Runtime on the Citrix server which I will not be able to do.


Hi @A_Learner

Yes, you right.

Depending on the amount you intend to automate using Citrix, it might be a good idea to talk to the Infrastructure team responsible for the servers and check the possibility of installation. The Remote Runtime component has received Citrix Ready certification, acknowledging it as an effective and reliable solution for working with Citrix


Where is it available? Is it free or there a charge? Thank you for the advice.


You can download it from Resource Center Page{your_org}/portal_/resourcecenter

Featured Download → Remote Runtime Installer

Thank you @rikulsilva

You can use CV locally, no cloud connection nor licenses needed. Install the UiPath.ComputerVision.LocalServer package, and in Project Settings under Computer Vision set local server to true for run and debug.

I highly suggest working in modern, and using the normal Use Application/Browser, Click, Type Into, Check App State etc - as they have CV Selectors built in. You don’t need to use the special CV activities (ie CV Screen Scope, CV Element Exists, etc)

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