Image exist activity in Citrix Environment


I need to perform action based on the particular image exist on the web page or not.
(I can use Image exist which return boolean output) I want to perform this action in Citrix environment. So is there any activity like Image exist in citrix?
Suggest the solution for this.


Hi @saili,
You can use for example Computer Vision package with its CV Element Exist. Or use every activity by installing runtime on Citrix Workers and Citrix extension on computer where UiPath Studio is installed.

Thanks @Pablito.
But in the current version of uipath 2019.9.2 there are selectors in CV scope which are not reliable all the time. And also sometimes throw an error like cv server could not be reached: 523.

It’s because CV activities need’s to have constant connection with the CV server which is doing calculations and AI thing.

Yah but how to establish the constant connection with the CV server.

You are still keeping it with use of CV Screen Scope. If during workflow perform you have any connection disruptions (ISP issue, lack of wifi range, firewall block etc) then errors like this will happen.

So is there any way to handle this issues through program?