Old version Workflows compatible in Higher Versions


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I was surfing forums for few issues, what i found was some old posts which have xaml files are not compatible / opening in New higher versions.

I request UiPath to look into this so that it is very useful for easy migration to higher versions even if users have old version workflows


Hi @Srini84

Could you provide some examples? Normally, we have full backward compatibility.

However, the issue may arise in case a user who uploaded the file did not provide a project.json file with it.

In this case, some packages will not be installed and Studio will show errors. It should allow you to repair your dependencies though.

I am really curious about some examples :slight_smile:

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Yes, some user didn’t upload the project.json file, so that it is unable to open i believe.

but there is another issue that if we try to open the the above type of files then studio got strucks and it is not responding, can we avoid this instead of studio struck, can we terminate the process with a message?

Attached the Screen, It strucks on Adding Dependencies



Could you maybe link to the problematic file?


Can you check the attached file in the above post

Attached you the screenshot when i try to open the workflow


It opened without an issue for me :thinking:

Is it always the “Adding Dependencies” step that it gets stuck on for you?

yes, I edited the previous post attached you the struck screen

I need to check then, if it is not a problem


I’d suggest clearing cache folders first and maybe a clean install as well.

Feel free to rename them instead to keep the old files as backup:

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Ok, I will try as you suggested


Hi, i keep getting an error when trying to run that specific workflow


Go to your project folder and delete project.json file and after you will install new packages

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