If uipath can build more activities about EXCEL

When i was doing the uipath at a japanese company, i was doing the Excel all the time, in fact, a lot of requirement can not finished by uipath. I had to write code by myself.
Could uipath give more activities to use Excel?

for example:

  • Drawing chart
  • Setting Pivot table
  • Format

hi @xzci

As of Now for Pivot you can use execute macro based on macro you can create a pivot table
and for others there is no option

Ashwin S

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Actually if you are good at writing code, then why dont you create custom activities and publish them to https://gallery.uipath.com/. Once reviewed your code will available to all UiPath clients, vendors and users. you can follow below link for creating one.

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Can you elaborate what kind of formatting and charts you are looking for?

It would be nice to have more activities for common tasks in Excel, for example to name a few:

  • Rename sheet
  • Delete sheet
  • Auto fit columns by range
  • Auto fit rows by range

I’m doing this things through macros and Invoke VBA activity, but this requires store the code in an external file and also to handle the exceptions manually.

Hi @nerlichman ,

You can get all these activities here.


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Hi @xzci,

This Package is having the Draw chart and Format(Cell Type).