My First Custom Activities Package

Hello UiPath Developers

I Have Created My First Custom Activities Package For Excel Data Manipulations Using C# .NET Framework, Around (100) Of Useful Activities Following CRUD and Styling For Each: Cell, Active Cell, Row(s), Column(s), Range, Worksheets and more …

This Package Available Now Just Search For It in UiPath Manage Packages: RPAHUB.ExcelActivities Or Navigate To UiPath Marketplace:

Thank You

Hi @Ahmed_ELShubaky,
Congratulations :slight_smile: Really nice job. Could you please expand a little your description. I think you should tell us more about potential use cases and capabilities of your activities. Maybe a small documentation for someone who will try to use your package? :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply, of course I am working on it now, and will inform you when done, and actually i am facing some problems with marketplace and currently working to fix this issues, Thank you sir

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