Custom made UiPath activity for excel works

Dear All,
Could you please anyone share me a customized UiPath excel activity, which i can install to do most of excel activities like (Text to column, Replace some portion of a text, Remove duplicate, Pivot table preparation, customized/manual sorting etc) in UiPath. I will be really grateful to you.

I already download one type of this custom made excel activity & installed it but it did not work.

Hello @Sojol_Hamid ,

Please try the UiPath Marketplace. You might find something relevant if not exact.


Do you have the UiPath.Excel package installed? It should be able to do these things.

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i already download & installed balareva excel activities but these packages does not have “Text to column” excel feature. could anyone suggest please?

We do interpretate that you are looking for following:

a text like this sample row: A;B;C needs to be placed in Excel and the values have to split on ;

Col1 Col2 Col3

If text comes from e.g. text file

  • Read CSV file activity - will get us a datatable: dtData

If text comes from a variable

  • generate datatable activity- we will feed the text string to this and will get a datatable: dtData

If text is on 1 col in Excel

  • read range - feed the text to generate datatable activity

On the end write out the datatable (dtData) to Excel with e.g. write range