If Queue item status in only geting Status New

I have an issue getting Queue items using REFramework.
u can see in the picture in Status Column there is New And In Progress.
New Data is coming from Queue but In Progress data is not coming.


As per the queue mechanism in RE frame work we would get the queue data initially with status new when processing one by one it will convert into in progress on by own. If any Transaction under progress it will show the status as in progress.

We will get the queue items from the queue with new status only. After that it will be transforming into below different stages.

New - new item we have received from queue.

In progress - item under process

Succesful - transaction processed successfully

Failed - transaction failed due to exception

And some other status like abandoned etc.

Please refer the below docs for further guidance.

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In Progress Status will be to New after 24 hours.
U mentioned above to if data in InProgress it means data is under processed but if I go to more options that data in InProcess and after when i click to More Details then shows my data.
what does it mean…??


If you want to read Queue Items with status Inprogess then use Get Queue Item activity.

QueueItems with Inprogess status will be changed to Abounded status post 24 hours.

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The life cycle of queue items(your input data stored in queue)

New β†’ in progress β†’

if the transaction failed with the exception β†’ status will be failed

If the transaction success β†’ status will be successful

All these states your data will be available if you see more info on that particular item.

As mentioned by @lakshman if inprogress either it should be success or failed or some scenario like if it is still in inprogress status for 24 hours that means it stuck for some reasons it will transform into abandoned state. Hope you get some idea on queue mechanism. Thanks.

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Let me try to brief you in each possible queue item statuses
Queue items can go through the following statuses:
In Progress

In this

  • New - the item has just been added to the queue with the Add Queue Item activity, or the item was postponed, or a deadline was added to it, or the item was added after an attempt and failure of a previous queue item with auto-retry enabled.
  • In Progress - the item was processed with the Get Transaction Item or the Add Transaction Item activity; when an item has this status, your custom progress status is also displayed, in the Progress column;

The status that can come after processing the transaction items will be

  • Failed - the item did not meet a business or application requirement within the project and was therefore sent to a Set Transaction Status activity, which changed its status to Failed;
  • Successful - the item was processed and sent to a Set Transaction Status activity, which changed its status to Successful ;
  • Abandoned - the item remained in the In Progress status for a long period of time (approx. 24 hours) without being processed;

If you want only the new item or only the in progress transaction item you can use two different activities

GET QUEUE ITEM activity - to get bulk transaction items to the maximum of 100 items

GET TRANSACTION ITEM activity - to get one transaction item at a time

Here in get queue item activity you can include a filter for specific queue status

So based on your need to you can keep the filter condition

Hope this clarifies

Cheers @Naveen_Kumar2

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