If I use Outlook, should I open and update it once?

I’m currently creating a process to check Outlook emails and retrieve the contents of attachments.

The target email is sent daily, so the email needs to be received before the process starts.

However, after I start the process by uipath assistant, the target email was not received, and when I checked, the target email was not stored in the inbox list, but was received a few seconds later after I opened Outlook.

This was the first time I learned that Outlook does not receive e-mails until it is opened.

As a result, in my case, when I run Outlook in Uipath, I added a process to open Outlook and press Send/Receive once, and I got out of trouble. However, I am not sure if this is a best practice or not.

So, when you check your Outlook email as above, do you add the update process before doing the process everytime?

Thank you in advance for your advice.


May be i will share what I have seen people doing

  1. Open the outlook application with Start process Activity first before checking mails
  2. Once after opening use ELEMENT EXISTS activity and look for Connected Exchange
    We can see this text in the middle right of the screen which will be shown once after all the folders are updated and connected to exchange as well

Which will ensure that mail box is updated
If it is not there then keep that ELEMENT EXISTS inside a loop and keep retrying until it gives a Boolean value as TRUE

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Kirigirisu_Coin



Are you using Outlook activities?


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In my case, I have Outlook open and handle any popups on first load and then try without Outlook open. Depending on which version of Outlook you are using it is often better to use API instead.

Often, check for “All foders are up to date.” on the first run (a few times) to make sure Outlook is fully loaded and functional.

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As it turns out, everyone opens Outlook at least once, and then does the update process.

This question has taught me one thing that I need to be aware of when dealing with Outlook.

Everyone gave various answers, but I didn’t know about the Connected Exchange method.
I will choose the one that I learned the most from as the Solution.

Thank you all very much for your valuable opinions.

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