If data scraping is not possible

Sorry for the ambiguous question, but please advise.

I am trying to get the data on the Browser screen of the software (drafting software application) used in the company in a table format or a list format.

The data I want to get is 10 items in a line on the Browser screen of the software, and it continues in thousands.

However, first, Uipath does not recognize items in a line, but recognizes them in one line.
For now, it’s OK for the items to be unrecognized, but my goal is to repeatedly get a capture of the displayed image by clicking on each line.

I thought that data scraping was suitable, but it was displayed as “not supported” and could not be used. If data scraping is not possible, what are the other options?

Can you share any example for it? it will be easy to share solution.

Thank you very much.
I use 2 monitors.
Click the left Browser for each row to display the image on the right monitor.
I want to get the image repeatedly one by one.

Hi @mari_usagi

Sry in delay,
In 1st Screen below it show total Items. Get it and use as last counter value in While loop.

  1. Indicate 1st item and check selector for it. If it has “idx” or “rowvalue” in number you can pass
    counter variable into selector so that it will click till current counter lesser than last count.
  2. use attached window for both window in While loop.
    a. First attached window will click in item left screen window
    b. Second attached window will click in image which ever you want.