Uipath studio Can't Extract Data

I’m struggling to scrap data with Uipath Studio it gives me an error saying “This control does not support data scraping” i don’t understand why it giving me this error because i was using it yesterday.


Can you post the screenshot of your data and I hope you are using data scraping activity to scrape the data.


Are you getting that error while clicking on Column name document?

I can’t click on anything when i use data scraping.


I don’t understand this.

Open the page in browser, then open the studio. Then click on data scraping. It will show you the data screen. Then click on the “Document” i.e., the data table . Then it will ask you whether you need entire data table or not. Click yes and it will preview entire data.

I hope you are doing the same, but i don’t understand the above reply

@HareeshMR these are the steps i followed.

In the third step, you don’t have to click on entire screen @BigDee, You just need to click on the data table column.

here is the screenshot how to click on the data table.

Select the Document column in the screen

@HareeshMR this error still pops up. but when i try to use screen scraping it works fine.

I hope you are miss hitting. It will work exactly for sure.

Anyway, you have an option to export as excel there in the screenshot. Why don’t you try downloading the excel and then use excel application scope to read excel?

That will also store the data into a data table as data scraping do.

alright thanks . I’ll try that.

But, I’m still thinking why you are not able to get the date using data scraping?

It is working for me in many sites. Can you post me the URL personally if it is not confidential, so that I will check and let you know?;jsessionid=s0o8fn8181?content=accounting @HareeshMR

It won’t work as the ip address says it is a deployed in your internal server .

Can you please give a last try clicking on the column Name Job Type

First of all, give me confirmation , if the column names are getting highlighted when you hover on them?

when the whole page get highlighted and then when i try to click the column name it gives me an error. i don’t why because yesterday it was working fine.

is this working?

Can you try restarting your studio and just refreshing your browser?

this is what happens when i hover over the column names.

May be the site is not providing the data in specific tags (table).

Go ahead and export to excel. Then do necessary actions

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Alright cool.

Hello, try to change the Ui Frameworks in Ui Explorer and generate the selector And use that selector in activity directly. I hope it will help you.

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