Trying to capture text data from a webpage - Cant seem to make it work

i am trying to capture the indicated data (See screen shot) from the below links. I have tried: screen scraping, get text full/hidden, CV get text. nothing seems to be working.

I am trying to scrape data from multiple pages. The data is not structured (missing fields and different positions). All the methods i have tried is giving me different errors. I am new to uipath. i am sure my lack of knowledge is the reason. any help would be much appreciated.

Hi @richygeorge

Use Anchor base activity inside that first left side use Find elements and indicate school: then in right side use get text and indicate East Meadow then use message box and pass get text output


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@gulshiyaa Thank you. So i tried that.
But i am getting the next line below instead. please see screen shot.
Also, anyway to get the the text after the “:” - “4 Full/1 Half”

Thanks for your help.


Change the selectors and try

I am not that familiar with selectors. how/what do i need to change to capture the right items?
i need the highlighted items extracted from the 1st screen shot



Can you send me the link

you will combine some approaches but a 1 minute test with datscrapping looked not bad:

@ppr Peter, can you please tell me how you did that? can you please screen shot the sequence or share the .xaml please? Thank you much appreciated. thanks.

i think since different pages have different structure and data based on the city i am scraping it keeps giving me error.

In Find element indicate before data

for example if you want to take bedrooms indicate the find element befor that particular data which means property type…


but in get text indicate bedrooms

problem sloved

then you will get bedrooms: 4 so you just split like this

out variable of gettext.split(":"c)(1)
so you will get 4

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sorry for the late reply

Sorry für delayed answer. I configured the Data scrapper on the sequence of the items from above Screenshot. As summary doesnt have a Second element, so IT can Not be included into the Set of correlated Data.

An Initial Look on the Elements structure found Out a series of divs with some particular Markers in class or Id.

All in all a more deep Analysis of the structure is recommended to find Out the best retrieval strategy. IT seems that by combining different Methods IT should be possible.l