Data Scraping in one page but for all test result values

Is it possible to extract all of the result values on one page (See Image below). So basically I am using data scraping in uipath but I need to extract all the details inside of the result So I need to click each result and then extract the values of it. Hope you can help me. Thank you!


Have you tried data scrapping here as it seems structured data on this page.

Yes I have tried and it’s actually working like I can extract all the results in the page. however I need to click and open each results and then extract what’s inside the result so for example “Result1” I need to click it and extract values inside of it and same goes with other results. Thank you for helping.

This is what’s inside the result #1 (See image) same with the other results they have the same fields but different values.

Not sure but seems this is only the way as bot have to click each item one by one and get relevant information.

Hope someone have more better approach do do this.

Yeah. I hope someone can help. I am trying to do for each loop but I do not know where to put the clicking of each results.

Better to do this through flowchart.


1 - Take flowchart
2 - Create dynamic selector for each click on counter
3 - Get details from the view page and come back to prev page
4 - increase counter +1
5 - decision will check counter < MaxCounter
5- And it will work till the last item.

Note : Check click selectors is it have some counter value which increasing on each item.


Thank you for your help! Pardon me if I am not that so expert in UIPath may I know What counter are you referring? is it a variable? So far this is the flow that I was able to create. Really big help if you could check.
Data Extraction.xaml (17.8 KB)

okay, let me check

Thank you so much!

This can not be created without having access to portal as selector can be only checked from Ui explorer.
Sorry but the steps are not so clear as activities have no description.
Will try to create skeleton of this but again it’s hard to implement it without proper access to app.

Hello, you can go here “” and simply click the “GO” button. I cannot give the access to the app as this is confidential one, but you can use the public details after clicking the GO button. I also update the script with description Thank you!
Data Extraction.xaml (17.7 KB)

DataExtraction_New.xaml (32.2 KB)
Please find the solution.

Changes need to be done -

Step 1 - Increase maxnumberofresults property value as per your convenient.
Step 2 - Put whatever you want to extract from view page in sequence “Get Details From View Page”

Note: First try to run as it is as on my machine it is working fine after that you can implement step 1 and 2.

Hi @johnlester.i.banasihan Is my last solution worked?


Thank you so much for this! I am out of the office now. But I will check this first early in the morning! I appreciate your help… Thanks again.

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Hello @ermanoj3101

At first I had some errors So I need to modify the selector of the click activity and now it’s working fine, though I face problem when extracting the details from the view page as the extracted information is not complete but Yeah thank you so much for the help. I’ll find a way to fix it! I’ll let you know. Thank you for your kind help.
DataExtraction_New - Copy (1).xaml (38.7 KB)

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Yeah may be there some changes to selector as on my machine it was working fine, it’s good you have make it more dynamic.
Let me know if you face any issue to get data from view page.
I will be happy to help you.
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Now I was able to re-iterate the extraction in the webpage but is it possible to extract the data from the webpage to excel but with custom template like for example the quotation no field should be in the column A header and the value/s under it then same with the rest of the fields the Reference no should be in the column B and values under it. Thank you!

Yes this is possible to do. just create columns that are required to be present through Build Data table activity.
As you have extracted value in variables already now just use Add data row actvity and pass those value in array list property like {quotationNo,ReferenceNo,Agency}.

This method will give you a table with rows and column where you can put it in excel through write range activity .

OK, I’ll try this solution… Thank you Manoj! I’ll let you know once I’m done.

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