If condition won't work

Hi Guys,

I have a table read from the pdf copied into excel sheet, each column contains name, part number etc. I assigned each row item into variables

then I read a column from another sheet and used for loop and if statement to see if it matches part number variable that I saved from the read pdf table.
below is what I’ve done, and the result I’ve got even though printed result is the same it still gives me ‘N’ as result could you advise me where I made mistake?


Hi, welcome to the forum!

I have tested it out, and the same flow works perfectly fine for me. Only thing that I can think of, without seeing the xaml file, is that maybe you have declared some variables incorrectly?
NumPart should be a string, the loop TypeArguement - Object.

If you can attach the xaml file, I will take a look at it


Could you share the output which has been printed which will help us.

Suresh J