Problem using If condition

Dear Experts,

Need your help as i am trying to do a process for which i could copy the “JOB” number for today’s “DATE” column to a web for checking,

When there is showing “Record 0 - 1 of 1” as i capture using Get Text activity and output variable to “NoRecord”,

Then it should copy back to remark as no job in the column = “JOB” number.

Kindly advise if this process can be use by other activities.

hope you could help me on my current process

If condition

What is the output of Norecord variable ?.Is it 0 or record 0
Can you show the error message as well?

Hi @sangeethaneelavannan1

This is what i capture using get text activity

im trying to do a process if its showing this above, then it should write back an example like “No Job” to the remark column in excel = to this job number search.

how to input logical sequence and the IF condition?

Try with this
(CurrentRow(“Date”).ToString.Contains(DateTime.Now.ToString) )AND norecord.Contains(“0”)

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Hi @sangeethaneelavannan1

I have try in as an example,

Possible to do if the number i write in has no result, then write no result to remarks column?

i have tried to use get text for “did not match any documents”

Then write no job to remarks column equal to the search number

If Then.xaml (22.1 KB)

hope you could help to take a look at the xaml and excel data

Tes File_todaydate.xlsx (9.0 KB)


As per your requirement, if condition checks the string inside no record variable contains strings 0, true, then, update the remark as no job. You should not compare the logic with google search.

I have changed theworkflow according to your requirement.
If Then.xaml (17.1 KB)

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