Insert Y or N Depending on if Found Row Index

Hi, I’m not sure where I got it wrong, but I was not able to put Y/N depending if the RPA can detect if there is a match or not. This is my XAML file if you wanna see:
BankRecon.xaml (61.3 KB)

The If condition is in a sequence named “Compare Deposit and Column-4”. It was able to properly detect what matches and what doesn’t (using the Log Message Activity).
But what came out instead is this:

Where did I go wrong? T-T My superior said this is a noob mistake, though to be fair I am a noob at this.

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Can you please paste these columns here? @beepboop

The Columns in a CSV file, or screenshots of the sequence?

hi @beepboop

does it actually print out “found in csvDT…” ? when you run it?

because youre lookup logic is in another foreach loop which is wrong

it should look like this

BankRecon (1).xaml (62.7 KB)

Not at all, neither does it put in Y, as if it ignores the Else output alltogether

Oh yeah I attempted that because I wanted it to insert “Y/N” into “Status” as it look up. I assume my attempt at logic failed? haha

So does that mean I remove the For Each Row Loop for FileDt all together? CompareFileDt is what I used to just compare them, whereas FileDt is where I will be inserting the “Y/N” values under “Status”.

actually just remove compareFileDt and use fileDt all the way
BankRecon (1).xaml (62.2 KB)


Oh god how did you do it!! Can I ask, is it possible to do these three things?
The blank/0 values not writing anything is because I will reuse the same process for Withdrawal!

And is it possible to replace the original file starting from row 8? The Head of Finances says it’s important to keep those, if it it’s not doable I’ll talk with him!

Should I just make a new post? :sweat_smile:

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