Does not follow the correct condition

I’m copying the value of a book
if the book is under $ 1000 is true if larger is false
but it is not following the correct flow as print below
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you need to extract the numeric part only to check in the condition. Once that is corrected it should work as expected.
Please check the value of variable Preco using debug mode or printing it.

como faço para copiar somente os numeros?

2 ways,

  1. use substring after $ to get the numeric value
  2. use regex \$[0-9]+

está correto?


Does the condition evaluate as expected? can you run and verify?
You can print the value to see if the value is coming correctly.

Está ocorrendo erro

Please share your xaml. let me have a look at it.

Main.xaml (35.7 KB) project.json (962 Bytes)

—once after getting the value from GET TEXT ACTIVITY with a string variable named strinput
—now use a assign activity like this
str_output = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex(strinput,”(\d\W.*)”).ToString.Trim

—now inside the FLOW DECISION mention as
convert.ToDouble(str_output.ToString) < 1000

This will take to the flow as the condition

Cheers @BrunoAmorim17


Please try what Palaniyppan mentioned, it should work.

One point i see in your xaml is that the get DIV selector is very static.
Suggest you to remove the aaname value or use a wildcard.

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Agora está o seguinte erro

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due to copy paste the " is not correct. Please retype it.

Kindly re-type from your side
As it was copied and applied there the double quotes direction got changed

Cheers @BrunoAmorim17