Identifying the striked off element

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I want my bot to click on the non-striked off element. Issue is that selectors are same for both the elements striked-off and non-striked off. Also bot elements are enabled. Hence I am not able to put a condition for bot. How can I do this?


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Hi @tilarapiyush ,
In this scenario use image automation.

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Hi @tilarapiyush ,

Could you maybe Check the Element with UiExplorer and search for an attribute that resembles it ? Also make a comparison between the the Striked and normal word elements.

You could post a Screenshot of the UiExplorer so we can also look into it.

Let us know the details.

yep that worked. I used “Get Attribute” activity with “style” and figured there was font difference. PFB the screenshots for activity used and output.
Now I just have to make use of this string values to set up a condition for bot.


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