Bot was not identifying exact clicking element in the indicated window.!

Hi Forum, Here is my window the bot will be able to click the exactly matched element after scraping the text. If the element is not found on the first page the Bot itself scrolls and finds an element.


Which click activity you are using here?? Normal click or CV? Also did you validated the selector? If any dynamic values are there plz remove it.

If you flow is failing in the scrolling, then use a while loop-> use element exists(on the element you want to click)->Loop should continue till it find the element, if element not found , use a send hot key and down arrow-> if element found click

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@Gogannamatam_Siva Can you share your selector screenshot

Hi Rahul,
Here I’m using Cv click activity and I validated selector as well. But the problem is if I given input is “Beginner” the Bot will be clicking random elements like, Beginner giude 4, Beginner giude 5, Beginner giude 4.,and so on. Is there any other way to proceed?


Hi Usha

Here is the Descriptor of Cv click. I iterated all the input clicking elements in ‘for each’ and put a if condition as ‘Result.contains(item)’ then click otherwise throw an exception ‘element not found’

You have to give Beginner 1, Beginner 2 instead of using only Beginner. In the selector there should be some element like “aname” or “title”

But the ‘Beginner’ itself an element right, At that time, the Bot should able to recognize and handle that type of input also . This is the Bot main issue, other than everything is working good including scroll also.

If possible can you share the Project here? Will try to resolve.

Yeah title attribute is there but it is in CV screenscope not in cv click. I changed that one as title of my project to (For ex) ‘ForumUipath*’

Is it a project related with secure data? Then dont share it here. If you working with a dummy url you can share

Sorry, It’s Secure.

As said before I used ‘contains’ method for checking the input element is matched with scraped data (coming out as string), So here what’s happening is by using this method the Bot will selecting at least one word matching in the input Item then it is clicking random element. Can you tell me any other solution for If condition.?

Can you share the screenshot of the click activity and the screenshot of selector which you have provided


I mentioned cv click Selector in the above post. Here is the screenshot of cv click activity


The above selector will not work in your case. After clicking on any of the element in your application is that the selector getting generated? Could you try with Normal click activity also.

There should be some attribute in your selector where you can pass the Name(Beginner, beginner 1). If its identified the click activity will work based on the input value you are providing.

Yes , I tried with click activity and it is generating selector as well but not working in Cv screen scope. And one more thing I missed to inform i.e., I’m working on VM using RDP.

If you are working in RDP, you will have to use CV activities. But for CV click need to find a reliable slector.

@Gogannamatam_Siva If the CV didn’t work check the below one. RDP automations acan be done in two ways

  • Image based
  • Native Citrix (need to do few installations in client and citrix machine)

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