Corresponding selector not found


I have developed Automation solution, wherein trying to click the OK button. Attaching the screenshot.

While executing the BOT through attended mode, the click event is happening. But in the unattended mode, the same activity throws error.
Currently, firstly find element is used & post that click event is occurring. Attaching the screenshot of the error as well.

Any suggestions/advices ?


can you try use find element or check state activity (indicate OK button) before your click action?

Well I have already used Findelement activity. Will try this as well.
Is there some browser settings issue which is blocking it to hit click on OK button?

Hi @RPA24

kindly try enabling simulate click property

also its better to use "Element exist " if using classic or "Check app state " if you are using modern activities before clicking tht button


Since I have only classic activity, Elementexist activity is also not working.
Is there any way to watch the execution of BOT in unattended mode?

Hi @RPA24

kindly refer this


If you cannot monitor the Website state during the Unattended execution, one thing you can try alternatively to check whats going on is by using a ‘Take screenshot activity’ either right after that particular activity or in the catch block where the exception is been thrown