How to use Element exists detection in Bot workflow

Hi all friends,

how can we implement check box detection activity in bot workflow where bot should verify whether check box is checked already in pop up or not . 1) first if check box is checked already then bot should uncheck checkbox and then again check the check box or if check box is checked then bot should directly click on next option 2) if check box is not checked then bot should click on next option . first I have used state machine but failed as because when using element exists activity for checkbox checked pop that time Boolean answer was getting wrong at the end .Please tell me how this can be implemented?

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Varun Shinde

Hi friends ,

any suggestion for above question.??

Thanks and Regards,

Varun Shinde

Hello @varun_shinde ,

Here if the checkbox is enable or not, the selector will be different. So what you can do is, using the Ui explorer get the proper selector for the checkbox when it is enabled and selector when it is disabled.

Then you can use Element Exists or Check App state activity to identify whether element present or not (you will get boolean output).

Use that in a IF activity and write the logic.
If checkbox enabled,Then perform the actions required.
Else, perform the necessary actions.

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