Identify Last column value in an excel column

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I have an excel sheet, it has multiple rows and columns. I have a date column ‘J’. In that I want to identify the yesterday’s date column value. I am unable to get the last column value range in J.

Here there are multiple DateTime values on the same day(07/10/2020 HH:MM:ss) with different timestamp.
Now I want to get the cell value range of the last column**(7/10/2020 19:19)** which is J6555 .

PLease suggest me how to get the cell range of that particular value. in the belowscreenshot ,i want to get the range value of J column which is J6555

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you can identify using data table row count.

oh. So with that, May I get the direct cell range of the last column value in J which is J6555

yes correct, are you going to use read range (Excel or workbook) activity ?

I’m using Excel bro.

My main output is i want to check the cell range value of the previous day datetime stamp. In my file that I shared , it was on 8th Oct file. So now I want to go to the previous date time stamp column which is 7/10/2020 19:19…then identify the cell range and then paste my data of 8th october values in the column

In the above mentioned file, I want to copy the data for only 08/10/2020 date…

Pls suggest me how to get only 8th oct data


You can use Filter Datatable and give the condition as your date

and you can get the results

Hope this helps you


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Thank you @Srini84 May I know can we fetch the data from filter and save it into list? because filter may have new values in the future. How to make use of the robot to automatically take the new values from the filter and loop it for the new values?

From the above image,currently there is only one option…if they add more filter values , how to get that values and loop through filter values?

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For knowing the new values or old values you need to maintain a identifier like if you process that record make a column of Status and give as Completed, In that way you can identify which is new and which is completed

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May I know how to fetch the filter values and loop it bro?


Filter datatable you have to output to a datatable

Let say DT1 → DT2

The use For Each Row activity to loop into DT2

This is the one you are looking for?


No @Srini84. The filter values for the column A. Currently I have used filter data Table activity and manually mentioned if the column value contains IT, then do the process.

Like wise they may add more values to the filter. In that case how the robot will loop one by one based on filter values?


To Identify the last column and row. you can use the below activities.

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