Find the last empty column in an excel

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I have a excel file. I have write values in the last column after running a process.

How to find the last empty column Here the last column for today is ZJ. for tomorrow ZK and so on. Please help anyone.

Thank you in advance.


How about ReadRange Activity or Read Row activity?

We can get number of columns using dataTableVar.Columns.Count() with ReadRange activity.

Or We can also get number of items in a specific row using enumObj.Count() with ReadRow activity.

Then we can calculate address from the above value.


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I solved the problem. I created and string array {β€œA”,β€œB”}. Read the first column row. and looped through the column till I don’t find any value and assigned the counter variable and with counter variable I got the column value which is empty. My column row contails Date value. I check the row contains β€œ/”.

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