Find last row of specific value in column


Is there anyone that can give me idea how to find last row of specific value in column.

For example:


I want the bot to know how to identify last value of T110000,C110000 and K110000.


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There is no universal answer as it depends on automated app. Is this table in excel?



I think its automated. You can’t calculate it manually.

If cannot, is there anyway i can count how many of the specific value in same column?>

Check the attached. You may need to adjust it according to your exact business case. (19.6 KB)

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You can do that

  1. read excel file using Read range
    2 ) now data in datatable
    From datatable it’s easy to get data last row value


Build a Data table with a column (newDt)

  1. Find the distinct values from the particular column

  2. Then Iterate through this using for each row
    2.1) Use filter wizard and store it in Temp Dt
    2.2) Now calculate the number of rows there in the TempDt, add the last row in the TempDt to the newDt using add data row.

  3. Now you will have a Datatable with the required data :slight_smile:

Hope this helps …! :slight_smile:

Are you looking in excel to find the last value, sorry can you elaborate