Idea: UiPath - Linked Schedules

How about a feature in UiPath where a schedule can trigger another schedule?

Let’s assume there is an unattened parallel processing automation with multiple performers and a single dispatcher process. Generally when we create schedules we make sure to provide enough gap between the schedules so that the performer schedule gets triggered only when dispatcher process is complete. (Dispatcher process will add items into the queue and Performers picks the items from queue and process them)

What if the dispatcher process takes more time than usual and by then performer schedule gets triggered. In this case as the dispatcher is still in progress, performers will assume there are no pending items in the queue to process and so end the process. This may not impact all the business use cases but there can be automation’s where performers has to definitely wait and should take action on all the queue items populated by dispatcher.

Assuming this as one of the common scenarios in parallel processing RPA solutions, one of the below features could solve this problem

  • Schedule having an option to fire another schedule
  • Schedule to wait until the previous linked scheduled jobs to complete

What are your thoughts ?

Meanwhile these are the few ways I can think of to implement this functionality in the process itself

  • Using API call to check the status of dispatchers process in the Orchestrator
  • Maintain an asset with the dispatcher run status so that performer can check this asset every time and waits until dispatcher process completes

Hi @vinaynasani

Doesn’t the standard queue trigger solve this issue already? :slight_smile:

Hi @loginerror - Sorry for the delayed response.I will try this feature and get back to you.

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Please do let us know if that was what you were looking for :slight_smile: We’re always looking for improvement ideas.