Best practice for running Dispatcher and Performer


I developed 2 processes: Dispatcher + Performer.
I’d like to execute the 2 performer directly after the dispatcher.
What is the best practice for this? create an other process for running the 2 others? How? Have you an example?
And how to use the published version for each process?
Then after, I’d like to allow the end user to start the full process without use the Orchestrator interface. What is the best practice for that?
Thank you in advance for your responses.


I have the exact same questions. I want to do the same thing, run one dispatcher and then have two performer bots be executed directly afterward. I would hope that I could schedule these things within Orchestrator so that I can have better control over them than having to hardcode job starts within the dispatcher. I could get away with checking an asset flag whether it should schedule the jobs, but that’s very hacky.

I think the big thing here is being able to see the jobs being scheduled in Orchestrator. If processes are scheduling other things, that isn’t going to show as a prescheduled event, making it seem like the bot is more available than it actually is.

I also have the same question.

I think the only way to solve it, is using Orchestrator API to send a request to start a new job of Performer in the end of Dispatcher process.

Before Dispatcher ends, add Start Job activity to run the performer

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