Schedule a job after completation of another job

use case
the user needs a process to run immediately after process A finishes, for example, the dispatcher process is executed first and immediately after the performer

2 way for this
-> In your workflow at this end add a “start job activity”
-> Add a queue item as the trigger



previously you would create two jobs (schedules) one after another (almost same time). when the first one finishes the second will run. But yes, now you have queue triggers.

that is not the idea, because i don’t now the times for excecution for the robots are so variable
i don’t understand the queue item as trigger

If your dispatcher is loading up the items in the Queue and when you can set up the Queue trigger to run as soon it sees a transaction would make your performer run immediately.

how i do a queue trigger?

since what version of orchestrator is avaliable that option

Queue Triggers was introduced in 2019.10

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You may also use a long running workflow:

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