IBM Notes Java/SWT broken selectors

I’m trying to automate a Java/SWT application inside IBM Notes. If I try to record my activities with default or AA UI framework UiPath will stop responding immediately as soon as the application is opened. UIA seems to work better and I can at least select some elements successfully. The main focus for me is filling out a form. Sadly every element in the form returns the exact same selector when captured.

<wnd app='notes2.exe' cls='SWT_Window0' title='New person - IBM Notes' />
<uia idx='4' role='table' />
<uia enabled='true' />

UiPath is not able to find any element with that selector during execution.
Even though the elements are highlighted correctly during recording.
Which doesn’t make much sense since all have the exact same selector…

I have not found a way to send keystrokes based on image recognition of the textboxes or via x/y coordinates on screen. Are there any other ways to input text into an element except via the selector? Or a way to fix the broken selectors?

Hi @kai.frische

Is Java Extension installed in your system?

If no means you might get different selector like aaname or text property

Ashwin S

Hello @AshwinS2

the extension seems to be installed correctly. I just double-checked all steps from the wiki. The dlls/jars are in place and added to the accessibility-config.

In the wiki is also mentioned that SWT should be used with Active Accessibility. But that is not an option for me since UiPath crashes everytime. And there are no changes to the selectors with UIA as far as I can see.