Iam getting error because of selector

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Wen iam using indicate element this is the output .

Hi @Jyothi_SUVERA ,

Is the above the Error message you receive ?

Could you maybe provide us with Screenshots of this error so we can get a better Understanding of what needs to be done.


Can you share content of selector property of TypeInto activity?


I have used typein in anchor base so in selector its just showing as Input


Can you share accurate selector string or screenshot? Because this error might causes selector settings.



The above selector is for FindElement, isn’t it? Can you share selector of typeinto as the above error message is from TypeInto?


Sir I need help in fixing this error. As there is an issue with the selector here because of which Iam unable to run the workflow

Hello @Jyothi_SUVERA

Please run your automation in debug mode using stepinto method by enabling the highlight element feature. Check, which activity you are getting the error.

Then share the selector of it.